Martian Graphics Time & Space Nodes for Blender

Chris J. Randolph
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Martian Graphics is a custom node library for Blender Geometry Nodes, focused on procedural modeling, animation, & motion graphics. The pack includes over 70 custom nodes designed around the creation of seamless looping animations ("lupes"). Create particle fountains and bend them into any shape. Rebuild meshes as wireframes with each edge its own animatable instance. Deform, move, and rotate objects with looping animated noise. And so much more!

New Horizons is the newest major update, featuring a massive reorganization to make nodes easier to find and reworked modeling nodes that are easier to control and produce more consistent results. The collection is categorized into Animators, Data (operating on vector and float values), Generators, Instance, Loop, and Modifiers. Martian Graphics also includes a small variety of creative shaders, including half-tones, chromatic aberration, thin film interference, and glitter.

Martian Graphics is intended for intermediate and advanced users who already have a solid foundation in Blender Geometry Nodes and procedural workflows. This isn't a collection of prepackaged effects and assets, but rather a set of tools that extend and augment Blender's default nodes, allowing you to work faster and smarter. This is an ongoing project, and will be updated periodically with new node groups and newer versions of these initial offerings.

To install, unzip the archive, and place the included .Blend file in your Blender Asset Library folder. If you're unfamiliar with this process, complete instructions can be found at:

Included Custom Nodes:

Animator (MG)

Animator Curve Radius (MG) New!

Animator Radial (MG)

Animator Sine (MG)

Data 0-1 Coordinate Space (MG)

Data Factor Looper (MG)

Data Noise+ (MG)

Data Prox Mesh (MG)

Data Prox Point (MG)

Data Sample Nearest (MG)

Data Seconds to Factor (MG)

Data Shortest Pathfinder (MG)

Data Shuffle Attribute (MG)

Data Test Inside Mesh (MG)

Data To Rotation (MG) — New!

Data Vector Swirl (MG) — New!

East Back (MG)

Ease Bounce (MG)

Ease Elastic (MG)

Ease Exponent (MG)

Ease Ping-Pong (MG)

Ease Sinusoidal (MG)

Gen Backdrop (MG)

Gen Backdrop Circular (MG)

Gen Bevel Cube (MG)

Gen Bounding Points (MG) — New!

Gen Coil (MG)

Gen Cube Grid 2.5 (MG)

Gen Cube Lattice (MG)

Gen Curve to Mesh+ (MG)

Gen DodecaSphere (MG)

Gen Hex Grid (MG) — Rebuilt

Gen Outline (MG)

Gen Particle Cluster (MG)

Gen Particle Emitter (MG)

Gen Phyllotaxis (MG)

Gen Points In Mesh 2 (MG)

Gen Points to Curve Bundle (MG)

Gen Random Curve Bundle (MG)

Gen Points To Edges (MG)

Gen Radial Symmetry (MG)

Gen Random Network (MG)

Gen Rebuild Wireframe (MG)

Gen Spiral (MG)

Gen Spiro (MG)

Gen Torus Knot (MG)

Gen Trail To Curve (MG)

Gen Trail To Mesh (MG)

Gen Trajectories (MG) — New!

Gen Voxel Remesh (MG)

Gen Wireframe (MG)

Instance Concentric (MG)

Instance Multi (MG)

Instance Particles (MG)

Instance TimeStep (MG)

Loop 2D Coordinates (MG)

Loop Box (MG)

Loop Curve March Instance (MG)

Loop Curve March Point (MG) — New!

Loop Fountain (MG)

Loop Noise Direction (MG)

Loop Noise++ (MG)

Loop Rainmaker (MG)

Mod AutoSmooth (MG)

Mod Box Scale (MG) — New!

Mod Camera Cull (MG) — New!

Mod Circular Bend (MG)

Mod Controller (MG) — New!

Mod Crenelate (MG)

Mod Curve Deform (MG)

Mod Curve Spiralizer (MG)

Mod Edge Multi Extrude (MG)

Mod Flatten (MG)

Mod Gaussian Dome (MG)

Mod Inset & Extrude (MG)

Mod Instantiate (MG) — Rebuilt

Mod Poke Faces (MG)

Mod Scale Exponent (MG)

Mod Scrunch (MG) — New!

Mod Shrink & Fatten (MG)

Mod Skew (MG)

Mod Smooth Adv (MG)

Mod Spherical/Cylindrical (MG)

Mod Spheroid (MG)

Mod Spiralizer (MG)

Mod Squash & Stretch (MG)

Mod Taper (MG)

Mod Target Swirl (MG)

Mod Target Twist (MG)

Mod Warp Exponent (MG)

TimeCode Read (MG)

TimeCode Stamp (MG)

TimeStep Texture (MG) — New!

TimeFactor Py (MG)

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A Blender asset library (blend file) containing 40+ custom nodes, and a readme file describing their use.


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Martian Graphics Time & Space Nodes for Blender

12 ratings
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