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Chris J. Randolph (also known as Fidel Destro) is a writer, animator, and killer robot originally constructed in the SF Bay Area. When not talking about himself in the third person, he's otherwise writing about fictional people who pilot spaceships, fight dinosaurs, and seduce green women... and somewhat less often about green women who pilot dinosaurs, fight people, and seduce spaceships. His other interests include linguistics, cooking, video games, and digital publishing advocacy. He's the proud recipient of several literary awards he made out of construction paper, and he currently resides outside of Sacramento in a secret military bunker hidden a half-mile beneath the Earth's surface. He hopes to someday own his own tropical dictatorship. You can find him on the Fediverse at:

Martian Graphics Time & Space Nodes for Blender


Rad Planet Vol 1 — Looping Animations Pack

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